Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I be sure that my child will get their roommate request?

A: While we do try to accommodate as many roommate requests as possible, we can only put two campers who know each other in the same cabin. Additionally, we can only do this when both campers are the same grade or one grade apart and when both campers request each other on the registration form. Sorry, but we are limited to one request per camper and we are unable to process requests at check-in.


Q: When are check-in and pick-up?

A: For Young Adventurers weeks

  • Check-in: Monday, 2 pm

  • Pick-up: Friday, 4 pm

For Teen & Jr. High weeks

  • Check-in: Monday, 2 pm

  • Pick-up: Saturday, 10 am

Q: What is the camp's policy on dress?

A:      * No short shorts -we ask that all shorts come to the camper’s fingertips when standing

* No short or low tops or tight-fitting clothing (including leggings)

* No tank tops or spaghetti straps

* No clothes with offensive advertising or wording

* One-piece swimsuits for girls with dark cover-up for transportation to lake

* We reserve the right to ask a camper to change if we feel his/her clothing is inappropriate


Q: What can I bring/not bring to camp?


* Clothes

o Casual clothes in keeping with our dress policy (see above)

o Lake clothes (girls: one-piece swimsuit with dark cover-up for transportation; guys: swim trunks with t-shirt for transportation)

o Hiking boots, extra shoes, shower shoes

o Hoodie/jacket for evenings (it does get chilly)

* Bible, notebook & pen

* Toiletries, towel, washcloth, toothbrush, soap, etc.

* Sleeping bag, pillow

* Flashlight

* Spending money for crafts & General Store ($20-$30 recommended)

* Offering for speaker (optional)


* Alcohol, drugs, tobacco

* Fireworks or weapons

* Any electronics (MP3/iPods)

* Playing cards, books or magazines

* Food or snacks

* Cell phones

* Anything that would be a distraction to you or others